Orchestrating the Total Sand Solution

TSS is a turnkey solution for the proppant supply chain. From the sand mine to the well site, TSS manages the ecosystem from start to finish. We leverage our scale and flexibility to arrange your proppant supply and reduce your total delivered cost. We work best as a seamless extension of your team, allowing you to leverage our capabilities while reducing costs for your organization.

Proppant Procurement

TSS arranges the best proppant sources to meet your unique requirements. Our daily supply chain optimization keeps us at the leading edge of price, safety, and reliability. Our portfolio includes several long-term contracts with a variety of mines, which ensures no single mine-failure shuts down our ecosystem. TSS buys several million tons of proppant per year, allowing us to leverage our scale to benefit you, the Customer.

Lane Management

We select the most efficient origin-destination pairing in real-time, ensuring the distribution channel with the lowest Total Delivered Cost for our Customer. We dispatch, coordinate and monitor rail, transload, and truck throughput to drive efficiency and reliability. For a better understanding of our capabilities, come visit our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center.


Our transloads rapidly and efficiently load trucks from railcars to trucks. Scale operators produce bills of lading to get drivers on their way quickly with as large a payload as possible.

Last Mile Trucking

Security of Supply requires trucking excellence. We operate a fleet of several hundred trucks in addition to utilizing several hundred third-party trucks, all coordinated through our proprietary SandDrive software. With our technology, it’s fast, efficient, and reliable. When it comes to that tough last-mile, TSS is always driver-first.

Well Site Solutions

TSS optimizes for Total Delivered Cost and sees the efficiency most pronounced in our belly-dump silo capability. Our mobile silo system delivers over 1,200 tons of on-site storage in one space-saving package. When combined with our remote data telemetry and expert Sand Coordinators, you have the ultimate solution for well site safety, logistics, and supply-chain visibility.