A Complex Supply Chain Orchestrated Through a Single Conduit…

TSS has orchestrated the Total Sand Solution to solve the challenge of delivering reliable, repeatable, and real-time service in the proppant supply chain.

The proppant ecosystem is a complex, dynamic macrocosm of sand mines, transportation options, wellsite innovations, fracking operators, and E&P programs. The ecosystem is as fragile as it is dynamic – being ahead of schedule can be as problematic as being behind. One failure, one stocked-out mine, one interruption in transportation, can ripple through the entire ecosystem and cause extreme strain and dislocation. TSS brings a single point-of-contact, experienced in managing the volatility of the ecosystem, to your team to painlessly manage the proppant process and deliver you proppant: on-time, every-time.

TSS delivers repeatable performance by controlling all aspects within the proppant ecosystem. Our Network Operations Center (the “NOC”) runs 24/7/365 to serve the ever-active oilfield.

Our NOC provides a live scoreboard of the entire ecosystem (both origins and destinations), overseeing the loads, the trucks and the deliveries to all of the well pads we service. Then, our proprietary SandDrive software platform provides real-time information and coordination throughout the entire work flow. Drivers stay connected via the SandDrive Mobile App, and Sand Coordinators and our Dispatchers are in complete control via SandDrive’s oversight capabilities. SandDrive then puts all back-office information at your fingertips, any time of the day or night, for ease of billing, audit, and operational transparency.

Creating a zero-risk supply chain ecosystem for sand starts with three basics:


It Must Be Reliable
(have flexibility)


It Must Be Repeatable
(have assets)


It Must Be Real-time
(have software)

Every. Single. Detail.
Managed with Precision.