Coordinating Across the Entire Supply Chain Ecosystem

SandDrive is the brain of the TSS proppant ecosystem. This proprietary, multi-million dollar, cloud-based operating platform aggregates information and delivers insight along the entire supply chain. SandDrive powers the vital services for our Drivers and Sand Coordinators, and enables real-time decision making in a constantly shifting proppant supply chain, all while making back-office administration easy.

A New Benchmark for the Industry

SandDrive is a game-changer. It’s an easy-to-use digital platform designed to provide you complete visibility into the mine to well site work flow. It features a traceable record system, real-time network visibility, and ERP integration. SandDrive optimizes network management to keep the supply chain immune to ecosystem volatility.

Giving Dispatch an Edge

With SandDrive, our Dispatchers can more easily interpret information, make smarter decisions, and take faster action. Artificial Intelligence gives SandDrive the power to create communications for instant coordination within the system. This provides Dispatchers with total visibility of all assets in the network to ensure a steady supply of sand keeps flowing to the well site.

Putting Drivers in the Digital Driver’s Seat

Our SandDrive Mobile App is a partner our drivers have in the cab with them. It unobtrusively handles all the network coordination while the driver can concentrate on safely driving to his or her destination. It’s a small, but crucial, piece of the careful orchestration behind our proppant ecosystem.

Providing Sand Coordinators More Control

SandDrive’s management capabilities orchestrate a detailed view of delivery status and inventory levels for our Sand Coordinators. This empowers them to take the best course of action to maintain both well site supply and reduce driver dwell time on location.