Your Total Sand Solution

From Source to Site

The Total Sand Solution is a complete set of turnkey services delivering proppant from the mine or transload, to the wellsite. We are designed to be ready when you are. Our team understands the importance of getting the job done right the first time. Our systems and operations integrate to offer proppant when and where you need it most, and find the proppant source, rolling assets, and storage terminals to match your needs.


TSS identifies the best proppant sources to meet each customer’s unique demands around the clock. We work tirelessly to increase our supply chain efficiency, allowing us to maintain the most stable prices in the industry. Our procurement team is dedicated in providing leading service in quality, timing, location, and price to our partners.

Lane Management

Employing the most efficient channels for sand transportation is what we do best. Our Lane Management capability dispatches and coordinates rail, transload, truck, trailer, and other assets to transform the highly complex supply chain into a seamless and fully optimized experience for our customers.

Rail Management

Railcars supply our transload terminals with new proppant every day. After railcar orders are placed with sand suppliers, TSS works with the railroad to safely detach and deliver the railcars in use. We monitor and manage railcar status and inventory using our proprietary software technology.


Transloading is the primary service of our terminals. Trucks are loaded from railcars or from high-capacity silos, and BOLs are produced quickly by professional scale operators.

Last Mile Trucking

Last mile logistics for your well is one of our core competencies. Our Last Mile Trucking is designed to move the proppant to its final destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using our own proprietary software influenced by decades of experience, we dispatch trucks for pick up, transport, and delivery to your designated wellhead.

Well Site Solutions

TSS prides itself on an innovative mobile silo system built specifically for the rigors of a wellsite. We provide over 1,200 tons of on-site storage in a compact, safe, and reliable package. This, combined with our powerful remote data telemetry package and our expert Sand Coordinators, makes TSS the ultimate partner in managing wellsite safety, logistics services, and remote inventory visibility.

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