Driving Performance Across the Entire Supply Chain

The SandDrive Advantage

SandDrive is our new web-based operating platform that delivers accurate information and coordination throughout the entire supply chain process. SandDrive implements the necessary services for both Drivers and Sand Coordinators by orchestrating better security of supply, total transparency of sand delivery, and alleviated back-office practices.

The New Digital Standard

Engineered to give you complete control of the mine to well site procedure, SandDrive is the new and easy-to-use platform designed with our customer’s satisfaction in mind. With a traceable system of record, real-time network visibility, and ERP integration, TSS has optimized network management to digitally enhance the way we perform supply chain operations.

Smarter Dispatch

We’re proud to offer cutting-edge tools and analytics to our Dispatchers, allowing them to easily interpret information, make better decisions, and take faster action. SandDrive utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create communication channels for instant coordination within the system. Dispatchers are given complete visibility of network assets, such as live load tracking and data-driven statistics, to ensure a steady supply of sand to the well site.

Connected Drivers

The SandDrive Mobile App is the all-in-one tool for Drivers to participate in the optimized network and stay safer on the road. Drivers are allowed to focus on their timely delivery while SandDrive handles the tedious and distracting work of coordinating with everyone else. TSS ensures that the Driver’s experience is faster, safer, and more efficient – which allows for more reliable deliveries right when you need them.

Equipped Sand Coordinators

Sand Coordinators are in constant control with SandDrive’s management capabilities. By generating insights on delivery status and inventory levels, we are able to take the most appropriate action to better maintain well site supply and improve customer satisfaction. SandDrive’s delivery controls, live supply dashboards, and receipt confirmation gives our customers peace of mind whenever they need it.

Instant Back-Office

SandDrive revolutionizes back-office tasks by supplying instant and accurate business intelligence to our customers. With instant customer invoicing, driver settlement, ERP integration, and digitized supporting records, SandDrive puts back-office information at your fingertips 24/7.

For more information on how SandDrive can revolutionize your sand supply experience, contact TSS today.

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